Tools, Technologies and Training for Healthcare Laboratories

Of Milestones, Maturing, and Making Progress

How do you thank a thousand people for their birthday wishes? The Westgard gives it a try

Top Ten Findings of the Global QC Survey

There's a wealth of data and findings in the Global QC Survey of 2021. But we extracted the top ten most interesting ones here.

Misleading Comparisons, Minimal Review, Mars Moving Average Paper

If you compare 20 apples to 1 orange, is there a problem with your study? If you are using only 1 orange when you claim to be comparing against 5 oranges, is that another problem with your study?

Strange Victory

A mid-marathon rumination on the successes and failures of laboratory testing in the pandemic.

Monitoring the Quality of US Democracy

Quality matters in all things. Quality of processes, Quality of controls, even the Quality of Democracy. After the January 6th storming of the US capitol, the weight of history demands we all take stock. (warning: contains politics)