Tools, Technologies and Training for Healthcare Laboratories

Troubles with Tracking Tests

The New York City Board of Health and Mental Hygiene has amended the city’s Health Code to require laboratories to report all hemoglobin Alc test results in order to monitor diabetic patients. Will monitoring approximately 100,000 results each month improve quality for anyone?

CLSI faces the Challenge of Quality

April 2007

Dr. Westgard attended the recent CLSI workshop to learn about forthcoming standards on risk assessment, quality, and (E?)QC. It seems the rumors of the death of Options 1, 2, and 3 may have been exaggerated...

The Health of US Healthcare

A recent report on the quality of US Healthcare doesn't put us in first place, despite spending far more on healthcare than other nations. Why is that? (Preview)

A Hopeful Year 2009

The new year brings with it a new administration, and possibly a new effort to fix the US healthcare system. What does that mean for laboratories, testing, and quality?