Tools, Technologies and Training for Healthcare Laboratories

Standardizing the Sigma-metric

As the Sigma-metric grows in popularity and usefulness, scrutiny on the calculation has grown. The time for standardizing the Sigma-metric, as much as can be done, is upon us.

SoSS? Scared of Six Sigma?

It's 6/6/2023... are you still afraid of Six Sigma?

Guidance for Improving Statistical QC Frequency Strategy for Multitest Analyzers

The body of literature on QC Frequency continues to grow. Change is coming, get ready. It's time to think about QC Frequency.

The Five Bests of Six Sigma: A Radical Approach to Choosing Instruments

Isn’t Six Sigma just common sense? Do we really need techniques, or equations, or graphs, to tell us that we should get the best instrument and do the best QC?

Six Sigma Quality and Desirable Laboratory Precision

Have you heard about Six-Sigma? One of the popular trends in quality management, it was used to revolutionize business processes in companies like GE and Motorola. The famed Jack Welch of GE even made it a mandatory requirement that all executives learn and practice Six Sigma. Dr. Westgard explains what's new about this approach, what's hype, and what can be applied in the laboratory. (preview)