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Taking Autoverification to the Next Level – up or down?

Autoverification seems to be a hot topic these days. Articles are in the press, the journals, and soon to come audioconferences. But just what is autoverification, and how does it relate to QC? And if it doesn't involve QC, just what is really being verified? (Preview)

Think straight, Talk straight

Enron is in the news again, and Dr. Westgard has been studying their failings - and the ethics that they really practiced. What he finds is that our compliance mentality bears a considerable resemblance to the Enron accounting mentality. Really. (Preview)

Connecting the Dots to Find Common Causes

July 2004

As laboratory scientists, we're taught to connect the dots between control points to look for patterns in the data and underlying causes. As observers of world events, we can also connect the dots and study the patterns to understand the underlying causes. Those events can help us understand the difficulties and importance of quality control practices in the laboratory.

Vioxx and Vaccines, Values and Votes

October 2004

Note: this is an essay that mixes politics with laboratory healthcare.

When quality problems at a Chiron plant mean that half our flu vaccine shots are contaminated, you know that Laboratory Medicine has become part of politics.What you may not know is that politics have very much affected Laboratory Medicine in return, and the results of the election may well determine the future of our profession.

Quality Indicators and Benchmarks

Are you ready for the latest lists for the laboratory? IQLM is preparing a list of Quality Indicators, as well as a list of things that physicians don't like about laboratorians, and a list of things that laboratorians don't like about physicians. In all of this "Top Tenning," is there anything useful?