Tools, Technologies and Training for Healthcare Laboratories

Sensitivity to Operations

In this lesson on High Reliability Organizations (HRO) , we discuss the need for laboratories to treat "routine" tests as anything but routine. How does your laboratory handle the crush of data and detail in its daily operation - and still be sensitive to possible signs of failure?

Preoccupation with Failure

This lesson on High Reliabilition Organizations (HRO) focuses on another principle: Preoccupation. Sometimes, it's good to be worried.

A different approach for laboratory quality

There's another new theory on better quality management. This one is called High Reliability Organization (HRO) theory, and it draws on the lessons learned from high-risk industries like aircraft carriers, nuclear power plants and nuclear submarines. It defines the characteristics of high reliability industries - as well as what HRO is not.

Reluctance to Simplify

In our next lesson on High Reliability, we talk about a deceptively simple principle: the reluctance to simplify. When everything about your organization is dedicated to streamlining and making things more efficient, how do you maintain the ability to know all the real complexity of your processes?