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True or False? You can validate a qualitative method

Yes, you can validate the performance of a qualitative method. No, you won't run the same statistical studies you would with a quantitative method. The positive: you run fewer studies for qualitative tests. The negative: they are a bit harder to set up and interpret.

Probit Analysis, Part Two

An earlier post on this website discussed the use of probit analysis for determining the limit of detection (LoD) for Nucleic Acid Amplification Tests (NAAT).

Una revisión del valor predictivo de las pruebas de laboratorio

Ampliando la lección anterior sobre el estudio de acuerdo clínico, el Dr. Westgard analiza el valor predictivo de una prueba de laboratorio.

Probit Analysis, Part One

Determining Limit of Detection can be a challenge. Here's Part One of a discussion on how to do it.

COVID-19 Serology Testing Strategy: Confirm Positive Results

CDC is strongly recommending that laboratories check their positive results with confirmatory testing. Here's Why and Here's How.