Tools, Technologies and Training for Healthcare Laboratories

Sprinting into a Marathon: Striving for Quality in the Covid19 Crisis

A few months into the Covid19 crisis, we need to stop treating it as a short-term crisis and start preparing it like it's a long-term emergency.

Three Books to make you Think Twice

In an age of mushrooming measurements, we must apply the same vigilance to our selection and use of indicators as to our best implementation of those metrics. Three books provide an opportunity to assess the downside of too many measurements, metrics, and indicators.

LabQuality Days 2019: Reinventing Quality. Reimagining Control

I had the pleasure of attending the 2019 LabQuality Days in Helsinki. A few observations from my time there.

The 17 Signs of a Struggling (Losing) Laboratory

Earlier this year, a study characterized the common issues facing health care organizations that are not considered high quality or highly reliable. In management literature, we spent a lot of time studying success stories - can we learn something from the failures?

Bad Blood for Theranos: A book and Conference Review

At the 2018 AACC/ASCLS confernce, John Carreyou was a keynote guest, discussing the investigative reporting he conducted that brought down the vaunted but fraudulant Theranos company. In 2016, Theranos' Elizabeth Holmes was the keynote guest. Have we really learned that much in 2 years?