Tools, Technologies and Training for Healthcare Laboratories

Z-14: Estimating Analytical Errors Using Regression Statistics

Enough of this abstract statistical stuff: how do we use these things in the laboratory? This article shows you the practical application of statistics on the bench-level, including how to find the bias and other important stats.

Z-13: The Least Squares Regression Model

More on scattergrams, variables independent and depente, variances explained and unexplained, and deviations squared and unsquared.

Z-12: Correlation and Simple Least Squares Regression

Learn about r squared, Pearons Products, and other things that will make you want to regress.

Z-11: Confidence Intervals

How much do you trust the numbers your laboratory produces? There's a statistical way to determine just how much.


ANOVA. No, this isn't a PBS show, it's the analysis of variance. While this is the statistician's passion, it's a bit less thrilling for laboratory personnel. Dr. Zady simplifies the topic and makes it easier to understand and implement ANOVA in a healthcare situation.