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Sunway faces down the virus in Malaysia

The global pandemic has certainly hit some countries harder than others. Sunway Medical Centre, in Selangor, Malaysia, gives us a picture of what a successful response looks like.

Three Waves of SARS-COV-2 at Winchester Medical Center

We're so far into this pandemic we can discuss multiple waves and surges. Here's how Winchester Medical Center, Virginia, coped with the challenges of the first year of the COVID19 crisis.

The View from St. Petersburg: Helix Laboratories faces the challenge of COVID19

In the US, we are struggling with the pandemic and often overwhelmed by the news of its continued toll on the populace. But the pandemic is global. How are other countries grappling with the virus? Here's the story of a private laboratory in Russia rising to the challenge.

Multicare Health System: The COVID19 pandemic through the eyes of an 8-lab system

Kyle Congo and his colleagues share their experiences with COVID-19 testing in the Pacific Northwest

Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and the Early COVID19 waves

Dr. Kimia Sobhani describes how the laboratory has been handling COVID19 testing as the pandemic broke out and through July of he first wave.