Tools, Technologies and Training for Healthcare Laboratories

Z-4: Mean, Standard Deviation, And Coefficient Of Variation

Don't be caught in your skivvies when you talk about CV's, or confuse STD's with SD's. Do you know what they mean when they talk about mean? These are the bread and butter statistical calculations. Make sure you're doing them right.

Z-3: An Organizer Of Statistical Terms (Part II)

Dr. Madelon F. Zady, Ph.D., talks about the nature of a relationship (correlation) and the strength of a relationship (regression). These are statistical relationships, of course. For other forms of relationship advice, we suggest you consult the webmaster or another website entirely.

Z-2: An Organizer Of Statistical Terms (Part I)

Dr. Zady introduces all the terms of statistics. If you don't know your t-tests from your F-tests, this is a painless place to start.

Z-1: Aligning Attitudes Through Purpose

Madelon F. Zady, Ph.D., begins a series on statistics. This first lesson is easy. All she does is explain the best way to learn about statistics (without falling asleep).