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Six Sigma - Quality Design and Control Applications

Forget the theory and the hype about Six Sigma: What can do "in action"? It can help you to objectively assess the state of your current QC, determine the desirable CV and bias for your tests, specify the necessary QC procedures and/or needed improvements, compare all kinds of quality requirements to each other, and more. Combined with our Quality-Planning tools, Six Sigma can offer a "one-two" punch to any QC situation. (Preview)

This article illustrates several applications of the OPSpecs chart as a Six Sigma quality design and control tool. It assumes that you have some familiarity with the OPSpecs chart - if you don't, feel free to check in the archives for a multitude of lessons. (Adopting the OPSpecs Chart as Your Planning Tool, in particular, is very helpful)

Six Sigma Quality Management can be combined with the use of OPSpecs charts to do the following:

  • set performance specifications,
  • select QC procedures,
  • identify method improvement strategies,
  • assess the benefits of method improvements,
  • compare clinical and analytical quality requirements, and
  • relate proficiency testing criteria to clinical quality requirements.



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