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Links to Holland 2010

Dr. Westgard gave the Haverkate Lecture at the ECAT participants' meeting in 2010. A summary of his presentation there, plus links to more resources related to his talk.

Links to Latin America 2010

Dr. Westgard had the honor of participating in the 5th CICLO INTERACIONAL De CONFERENCIAS DE LA CALIDAD “Reunion de Expertos” in Cancun, Mexico, from June 30 to June 2, 2010. While Hurricane Alex passed by the area the weekend before, high winds weren't the only things whipping about at the conference.

Links to Russia

Dr. Westgard traveled to Moscow in the fall of 2009, as well as the Czech Republic. He details some of his experiences here.

Links to Argentina and Chile

August 2009

Dr. Westgard recently visited Argentina and Chile, where he chaired a discussion on the measurement of uncertainty vs. the management of quality.

Links to Spain

November 2006

Dr. Westgard recently attended the Spanish society of Clinical Chemistry and Chemical Pathology in Bilbao, Spain. Here are a few highlights.