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Quality Management - the Gospel according to ISO

In the face of failed CLIA regulations, where do we now turn? We may need to look to standards and practices outside the US. With this in mind, Dr. Westgard introduces a new series of articles about ISO and quality management. Guest authors Dr. Rogerio Rabelo and Dr. Daniel Perigo come to us from Fleury Diagnostics in Brazil, where they have experienced the ISO certification process.

ISO Says So: Recommendations for Validation of User QC

The CLSI came out with a recommendation on Validation of User QC for ISO. Dr. Westgard reviews these recommendations, and examines the ISO system as a whole. (Preview)

To Be Uncertain or In Error?

Do you know the new ISO terms? Dr. Westgard weighs in on the new terminology and suggests there are practical applications for the new uncertainty concepts as well as the old error concepts. He also asks, should we be spending time improving terminology or improving lab performance? (Preview)

W.o.W. part IV: The Quality of Glycated Hemoglobin (Ghb)

December 2007

After traveling to five continents in 2007, Dr. Westgard gained a new perspective on US healthcare. As our healthcare system fails, the world is watching.