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Spotting Quality Internationally: The Antwerp Meetings

April 2007

This year's "Quality in the Spotlight" conference tackled the subject of auditing and inspections. Dr. Westgard reviews some of the highlights.

Links to South Africa

December 2006

Dr. Westgard reached his fifth continent this year in a tour of South Africa. See what he has to say about this visit and the topic: "QC and Life in the Lab"

Links to Argentina

October 2006

Dr. Westgard recently attended the CALIDAB conference in Argentina. Here are a few highlights.

Links to India, Part II: Clinical Quality and Analytical Quality Control

October 2005

The second part of a discussion of Dr. Westgard's four-city tour of India.

Links to India, Part I: Best QC Practices and "Westgard Rules"

October 2005

Dr. Westgard recently returned from a four-city tour of India. As a way of thanking his gracious hosts, and letting the rest of us know what he was doing, he provides some extra details on his time in this burgeoning laboratory marketplace.