Tools, Technologies and Training for Healthcare Laboratories

Multisite Validation that “Westgard Rules” are cost-efficient and effective

David Plaut, longtime friend and colleague of Dr. Westgard, recently collaborated on a multisite evaluation of the implementation of "Westgard Rules" in the laboratory. The poster, originally at the 2005 AACC conference, is now available in an expanded format online. And we thank David for it.

Quality Goal Index

Dr. David Parry of St. Boniface General Hospital in Winnipeg, provides us with data on Sigma metrics in two laboratories. Dr. Parry's innovation is a Quality Goal Index, a metric that can distinguish between precision and accuracy problems, as well as techniques to deal with calibrator lot changes.

Frequency of QC - Implications for Patient Safety

We're delighted to present this guest essay from Dr. Kent Dooley, an astute reader who has done serious thinking about what patient safety implies for quality control. If labs are serious about patient safety, should they be reducing how often they run controls?

Biological Variation and Desirable Specifications for QC, 2008 update

Dr. Carmen Ricos and her colleagues have provided us with the fifth edition of their Biological Variation Database. New analytes have been added, figures have been updated and in some cases, corrected. This article summarizes all the changes made to the desirable specifications for total error, bias, and imprecision (derived from biological variation) for hundreds of analytes.

The Skinny on QC Are Laboratory Quality Requirements "Lean"?

In light of the publication of the fifth edition of the Ricos et al biologic variation database, Sten Westgard contemplates another question: what's the quality of quality requirements? In the parlance of the latest management trend, are quality requirements "Lean"?