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With our expertise in the fields of clinical laboratory science, quality management, and software engineering, Westgard QC offers a depth and breadth of services that no competitor can match. We develop innovative, client-specific strategies to transform the way our clients get business done in the new world of healthcare laboratories.



For over a decade, Westgard QC, Inc. has provided consulting services to diagnostic and instrument manufacturers, including Abbott, AVL, Bayer, Beckman Coulter, Bio-Rad, Boston Biomedica, Covance Laboratories, Dade-Behring, DPC-Cirrus, Instrumentation Laboratory, MAS, Organon Teknika, Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics, Perkin Elmer, Pfizer, Technopath Diagnostics, Thermo Fisher Scientific and many others. We have helped our clients:

  • Solve manufacturing problems with output and production yield.
  • Set expert specifications for both on-board and external QC procedures.
  • Create white papers explaining and justifying their QC practices.
  • Train technical and salespeople in better QC trouble-shooting and QC practices.
  • Work to assure that their customers were satisfied by the QC performance.

Below is just a small sample of the services we can provide.

Consulting for Controls

Control Manufacturers know that they don't sell just a product - they provide QC service to their customers. And their customers are crying for help with their QC. With Westgard QC providing unparalleled assistance and guidance, you can be sure your company can

  1. Help your customers understand QC - Let Westgard teach your customers about "Westgard Rules." On paper, online or face-to-face.
  2. Help your customers set up a QC program - with our own turnkey software solutions, or with customized QC solutions developed for your specific products.
  3. Help your customers make their QC cost-effective - with QC techniques that reduce defects and waste, optimize efficiency, and save money -- all at the same time.
  4. Help your customers understand intra- and interlab QC data - so they understand better what good service you are providing them.
  5. Help your customers develop a more effective trouble-shooting protocol - so their first response isn't a technical support call.
  6. Help your customers perform method comparison and linearity studies - so they understand the data that they produce.
  • Educate your customers and they will come back to you.
  • Save them money and they will recommend you to others.
  • Provide them better quality and it will cost you less to provide them service.
  • Enhance your image by association with prominent QC leaders.
  • Maintain your customers with your improved technical support and reduced complaints and frustration.
  • Gain new business from your improved reputation and service.
  • Reduce expenses by cutting down phone time through better technical support and educated customers.



 Consulting  for Diagnostic Manufacturers

The race for the next leap forward in instrumentation is non-stop. You can't afford to come to market with an inferior instrument, or inferior service for that instrument. If you've got a cutting-edge instrument, you need cutting-edge Quality Control. Whether your clients need a simple answer to an elusive question, or more sustained consultation support, Westgard QC provides the flexibility and the appropriate level of expertise to accommodate your needs. We can provide consultation on a variety of levels, including help to

  1. Develop on-board software for QC. Westgard QC can provide anything from QC specifications to embedded Automatic QC Selection systems for your instrument and software.
  2. Develop on-board trouble-shooting protocols. Not sure how QC should be performed on your newest tests? We can tell you just how much QC you really need and clearly define the steps to achieve it.
  3. Develop on-board linearity assessment and calibration verification. We can eliminate the confusion surrounding method verification for both you and your customers.
  4. Develop white papers on the performance and validation of new technology.


  • Enhance the instrument and your leadership - when your advanced instrument is performing advanced QC, no one in the market can compete with you.
  • Reduce costs due to false rejection, defects, and waste - make your instrument more attractive to the customer, and more profitable to both of you.
  • Reduce the need for technical support - with optimized QC, you reduce the instrument's need for technical support, making both you and your customers happy.



Consulting for Laboratories, Health Systems, and Healthcare Institutions

Westgard QC can provide critical services to laboratories and institutions in the process of reviewing, trouble-shooting, or simple improving their quality control practices. With dozens of personnel, scores of instruments, and hundreds of tests, working on QC in the laboratory is no small task. Westgard QC can help prioritize and focus on the biggest problems in QC, as well as the biggest opportunities for cost reductions, new efficiencies, and optimizations.

  1. Perform a "QC Check-up" on the laboratory.
  2. Set protocols for handling out-of-control events.
  3. Set standards for purchasing and evaluating new systems, methods, and controls.
  4. Implement a Total Quality Control Strategy.
  5. Introduce Six Sigma to the Laboratory.
  6. Document your QC efforts in a comprehensive way.
  7. Make the best use of Westgard tools, technology, and training.


  • Bring in the authority on QC to help your QC - no one can doubt your QC efforts when Westgard QC has helped you.
  • The toughest problems? solved - Westgard QC brings more than 25 years of expertise on QC to your problems. You may not know the solution, but chances are we've encountered (and solved) your problem before
  • Pointing you in the right direction - Westgard QC doesn't just solve your problems, they teach you how to solve the next problems you encounter as well. We provide training and tools to all our clients so they don't become dependent on our services.



Some Final Thoughts on Westgard QC Consulting:

  • If the market perceives your products as having poor quality, or less quality than your competitor, we can help.
  • If your production line isn't giving you enough finished product, or if the quality of your finished product is below your needs, we can help.
  • If you need to go to market knowing that your QC recommendations are bulletproof, we can help.
  • If you need documentation and publication explaining in all necessary detail the validity of your QC practices, we can help.
  • If you need to respond to your customers with better, more cost-effective, QC advice, we can help.
  • If you have to prove that you're doing the right QC to your customer, we can help.
  • If you want to improve your quality and your profits at the same time, we can help.

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WESTGARD QC promotes the latest news, education, and tools in the quality control field. Our goal is to bring tools, technology and training into today's healthcare industry — by featuring QC lessons, QC case studies and frequent essays from leaders in the quality control area. This is also a reference source for quality requirements, including CLIA requirements for analytical quality. This website features the best explanation of the Multirule ("Westgard Rules") and how to use them. For laboratory and healthcare professionals looking for educational and reference material in the quality control field.