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Advanced QC Strategies

Advanced QC Strategies - how to apply cutting-edge techniques like Risk-Driven QC Frequency, Six Sigma Quality Management, PBRTQC (aka AoN, MA, etc), lot to lot monitoring, standardizing means across instruments and laboratories, Traceability, Measurement uncertainty
Advanced QC Strategies
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Advanced QC Strategies
264 pages, paperback

TIme to Level Up your QC.

The Basics are no longer enough. They're so Basic. Laboratories need to reach a higher level of quality and productivity. Westgard can help.

Advanced QC practices acknowledge the pressures that the laboratory is facing and the staffing crunch they are enduring. Wasting technologist time on unnecessary repeats, recalibrations, trouble-shooting, and technical support isn't just counter-productive, it's fatal to efficiency.

Westgard, Bayat, and Westgard provide a roadmap to the leading-edge tools and techniques of Quality Control.

Just a sample of the topics covered:

  • Risk-driven QC Frequency
  • Recipes and Worksheets for fine-tuning the rules and runs of your QC on "big box" instruments
  • PBRTQC, aka Average of Normals, Aon, Moving Averages, MA, what's new, what's old and what's useful
  • Traceability and a terrifying vision of the future - where twice as many controls are run
  • Measurement uncertainty, when you need it, how to calculate it, and when you don't need it at all
  • Reagent Lot-to-Lot variation, how to assess it, and when you can accept it
  • Standardizing means and/or SDs, when tests, instruments, and laboratories can share the same value, and when they can't

In addition, those who purchase the book get exclusive access to supplementary materials, worksheets, online calculators, and recipes for building your own customized Excel spreadsheets.

Struggling with breakdowns in the lab? Adopt these breakthrough techinques, and you'll be well on your way to excellence, that destination that lies far beyond mere compliance.