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October 2006

Dr. Westgard recently attended the CALIDAB conference in Argentina. Here are a few highlights.

Dr. Westgard speaks before a crowd of 500 attendees at the CALILAB conference

A word from
Dr. Westgard

In August, I had the pleasure of attending the CALILAB Congress in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It was a quick trip, but very rewarding! It was amazing to meet so many laboratory scientists who are interested in learning more about quality and how it can be managed.

The gracious hosts for my trip (from left to right): Carlos Penelas (Director, Biodiagnostico), Jeff Larson (QC Specialist, Bio-Rad), Dr. Mazziota (Calilab organizer), Dr. Laura Mercapide (Technical Director, Biodiagnostico), Dr. Westgard, and Dr. Octavio Zendejas (General Manager, Bio-Rad Latin America)

I promised that to provide some background references to supplement my presentation. Here are some important sources of information on our website:

Dr. Mercapide, Dr. Westgard, and Dr. Nilda Fink (CALILAB coordinator)

Dr. Westgard in interviewed by two regional Diagnostic Journals.

Again, many thanks to my hosts and the attentive audience.

James O. Westgard, PhD, is a professor of pathology and laboratory medicine at the University of Wisconsin Medical School, Madison. He also is president of Westgard QC, Inc., (Madison, Wis.) which provides tools, technology, and training for laboratory quality management.