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Free Membership (It's Free)

Probably the feature users will like least about the new Westgard Web is membership. In order to access some articles on the website, you'll need to become a member and login when you visit the website. But membership is free and the benefits of membership outweigh the hassle.

Let's get right to the most worrisome part about the new Westgard Web for visitors, users, and viewers. The new website requires membership to access part of the website materials.

Don't Panic - membership is FREE.

Once you sign up, you'll be able to log in and see all the valuable articles from the old Westgard Web. All we're doing with membership is collecting some personal and professional information - the same data which is being collected by all the other organizations, websites, and trade journals. We give you the option to join our e-newsletter and to add yourself to our mailing list - as well as the option to tell us never to contact you ever ever ever.

How do we use your membership information? Much as any other company in the laboratory medicine marketplace. It gives us an accurate picture of our viewers and users and allows us to better address your interests and needs. For us, the goal is to develop better content and better products for you - and generate the revenue necessary to sustain this operation. As with any business, we need to make money to produce our products. Your membership information helps us find customers (maybe you!) who want to purchase our products and services.

Don't Panic - you will be able to explicitly remove yourself from any and all forms of communication.

During membership sign-up, you can select a "Don't Bother Me At All, Ever" option. We will honor your wishes scrupulously. If you don't want to be bothered, we won't bother you.

Also note, many of the most popular articles on Westgard Web remain entirely free and open to the public, particularly crucial resources like lists of quality requirements, guest essays, details on the "Westgard Rules", etc. No membership will be required for over 100 articles on the website. So for those of you who detest joining any organization that would have you as a member, you will still be able to visit the website and access key articles without having to log in.

Membership Benefits

Fill out one form and you get free access to over one hundred additional articles critical to laboratory medicine. This, in addition to the one hundred articles that are completely free. There nearly 400 articles (and growing) on Westgard Web.

You'll be able to access hundreds of lessons, essays, articles, and downloads. Articles that cover crucial topics like Basic QC Practices and Basic Method Validation. Articles that discuss advanced issues like Quality Management, ISO, Patient Safety, and Six Sigma.

For laboratory professionals seeking the latest articles on quality management, or the best guidance on what to do for quality in the laboratory, or trenchant analysis of recent management or regulatory trends, your free membership will get you access to vital advice.

You'll also be able to sign up for our e-newsletter, sent out approximately once a month to over 10,000 laboratory professionals, which contains the latest news on what's been added to the website and what is happening at Westgard QC.

For those used to filling out a form every time you wish to make a download on Westgard Web, that has been replaced by a "single sign-on". After filling out your membership once, you'll never have to fill out another download form. (You still need to log in, but that is just your username, which could be your email address, and a password). For those regular visitors who have probably filled out scores of download forms over the years, we have eliminated a lot of typing for you.

New features and functions of the website. Here is what your membership gets you. The new design includes many features that make using Westgard Web more intuitive and convenient:

  • Every article has a "Printer friendly" option
  • Every article has an "Email this" option so you can send relevant content to your colleagues (note: we do not recommend sending articles to people you know outside the laboratory profession. They will probably not appreciate it.)
  • Series articles now have a list of related articles displayed next to them. For example, if you are looking at a lesson in the Basic QC Practices series, you can also see along the right side, a list of related lessons in the Basic QC Practices series.
  • Navigation throughout the website is more visible and easier. In other words, there are more and better and easier ways to find and access the specific article you were looking for.
  • What's New? lists on the right hand side of many articles will tell you the latest articles that have been posted
  • What's Popular? lists make it easy for you to see, what articles are the ones most visitors access

Don't Panic. We will preserve and respect your privacy. We won't use your membership information against your wishes.

Membership information will only be used in the aggregate, unless you specifically request an individual response to your preferences, suggestions, or questions.