Westgard QC Online QC Calculator

James O. Westgard and Paul Schilling

Following the link at the bottom will take you to a special area of Westgard Web for calculators and plotters. All of the formatting, menu tabs, side links, and so forth will disappear; all you will see is the form where you enter numbers and select options.

Th QC Calculator is a training and education tool for quality control in healthcare laboratories. It is designed to help users to calculate basic quality control data, such as mean, standard deviation, cumulative mean, cumulative standard deviation, etc.

In addition to these basic quality control calculations, users may also create control charts with different defined control limits, as well as histograms. Specifically, users will be able to create Levey-Jennings Control Charts that are best suited for healthcare laboratories. These control charts will be "blank" - with control lines drawn but no data plotted.

Note that the graphics generated will "pop up" - you will need to allow pop up windows in your browser.

Please let us know what you think of them.

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